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After watching a video 70% of people are likely to buy a product - thats an incredibly high conversion rate! Our team can create a 2D Animated Explainer Video to promote your brand or service.

An Animated Video can be a powerful business tool, to target, inform and engage your target audience. Business are starting to use videos more often to promote their business on their websites, Vimeo and with their own channel on Youtube.  Our team can create a professional animated video that sells your product / service to your audience. If a prospect likes your video they are likely to share it on social media and WhatsApp - a great video can convey a message much better than words!

Faster internet has spurred the growth of how we share videos through social media, mobile devices, desktop and video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Its common to see businesses have their own channel on YouTube. Video can be viewed and  accessed by anyone with internet, be that at home or their mobile phone / tablet. Video content can be fun, engaging, informative, it can give a glimpse of what a company does and offers with an impressive ROI.  For example a local plumbing company can inform the viewer of their services in an animated explainer video and have their contact details within the video. Its a great way to engage the audience and market your business and give it a competitive edge.

Its far easier on the eyes to watch a video than read lengthy paragraphs of texts - which is why 1 billion hours of video is watched every day around the world. Video has a far greater retention rate than written text, the information in a video will remain in the viewers thoughts long after they’ve seen it. A live action video is also a great vehicle to market your business. But this can involve high costs with location, costume, make-up, camera crew, actors, editor, etc. Also any changes you make to the video may require re-filming and the associated costs that go with it. Animated Videos are far more cost effective alternative, quick to create and edit with just the same impact as a live action video.  

You can upload your video to your website, social media, Vimeo and YouTube. For a one-off charge we can create a YouTube Channel for your business so you can showcase your new animated video. We can even optimise the content so that it links to your website, this could add a professional look to your business and sell your service or product to a potential customer.

At Ipswich Digital Marketing our team can create a great Animated Explainer Video to benefit your business and take it to the next level. Contact us today – our prices for an animated video start at an affordable price of £249.


Billion YouTube videos viewed a day


80% increase in brand awareness with a video


54% of users prefer video over Email, Blogs and Social


Video is No.1 form of media used in content strategy


YouTube is available in over 90 countries


70% of YouTube views come from mobile devices

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Why Video? Video is highly shareable, creates brand awareness. Video can be shared on just about all online platforms and from many devices.

Is it easy to adapt? You can upload your video on many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, WhatsApp and YouTube. It can be viewed on your iPad and mobile phone on your way to work.

How long will it take to make the video?  We can normally have the finished video ready for you in 7-10 working days. You can upload it to social media or your website as soon as you receive it. 

Will it work with SEO and search engines? Your video will show on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on YouTube or Vimeo when a prospect searches for a product or service. It can also be optimised for SEO by adding relevant keywords and adding links that direct the viewer to your website. 

Is it cost-effective? Animated Videos are a great way to engage your customer with a high ROI as they are very affordable to produce when compared to live action video. And there is no limit to the scenario or location – imagine the possibilities!


Make an impact with a great online video

We can create a unique video that your visitors will love and share

Video Marketing is the future. Creating a video as part of the your online marketing strategy can have great ROI for your business. Message us today and we can create a custom video for your business in 7 days.