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Earning online Trust is a becoming hard to gain - encouraging reviews or feedback that is visible to prospects can often help. Positive reviews from satisfied customers can help generate new sales.  Reputation Management can increase visibility, build up brand equity, and help generate advocacy all while building your online reputation and trust.

Reputation Management is aimed to boost online visibility and drive visitors to a website by assisting the reputation of a business within search engines. It helps foster a debate by enhancing conversation and “influencing the influencer”. Online Reputation Management can be used either for increasing positive brand and keyword content driven search results or dissipating negative Reviews or content on Social Media that appears within search engines through brand searches, keyword searches, or both.

Gone are the days where you can simply just sell a product or service online, now customers can search for reviews on your products or services which can affect your business in a positive or negative manner. They could be tweeting about your product or leaving a negative or positive review on google about the customer experience. If you and your business accept customer feedback and opinions then you must be prepared to face the criticism that comes and respond to them promptly.We offer a complete managing of your online reputation and provide a wide range of services such as social monitoring, online PR, negative content filtering and removal, engagement, as well as social media content promotion. Encouraging your existing customers to leave positive reviews about their experiences will help prospects use your business. 

What are people saying about your business or service? With a good  Reputation Management plan you know when and how to react to what people are saying about you and your brand. Sometimes it may be wise to react and other times you could be too late to react and cost you customers and eventually a lot of money. Its best to be proactive in monitoring your online reputation as it gives you an idea if your business has a shortcoming in its framework and you can address it. Also prospective customers may choose to use your services from how you reacted and addressed a difficult situation. At Ipswich Digital Marketing we use Analytic tools to monitor and track online reputation and can guide you if your business is being affected by unwanted negative reviews and social media feedback. Call or email us today for a consultation.

We provide a Reputation Management report that captures the feedbacks related to your company, product or service that occurs on the Internet, we also segment the report in positive and negative press. It is important for tracking negative comments or reviews that appear on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) creating a negative reputation to your brand and could have a significant impact on your online sales and enquiries. Our team can run and manage the entire Reputation Management as we have all of the analytic tools to analyse the data and work on a plan to suppress the negative results. Negative feedback that are prominent on search engine like Google Reviews can have a greater damaging effect on your business than a negative comment on Facebook or Twitter. 

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The foundation of a successful Reputation Management campaign is an in-depth evaluation of your circumstances and objectives. Each of our services can be used separately depending on your needs and targets.


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